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Creating good karma-empowering ourselves

Cormac February 28, 2017 0 comments 0

Hari Om

I had an ear full the other day listening to the radio, first it was Trump then it was Brexit and then it was the Fine Gael leader race between Leo and Simon and then it was the crisis in the hospitals and I began to wonder what it was all about I actually felt like screaming at the radio ,I wanted to get myself on TV or radio to say what I thought of all this and it made me think…think about myself and my part in the world, coincidentally my wife Danielle was feeling the same (maybe it is our mid-life crisis) or maybe it is because we care about what goes on around us. It is difficult to be in the world and not be part of it, I learnt in Yoga that we can be in the world but not of it and I think this might be why I felt the way i did.

So I carried on with the train of thought and it brought me to the idea of empowering ourselves, firstly Trump and his homophobic ideas but I see that type of thing everyday in Dublin I hear some of my own team mates make racist remarks even some of my family can be like that so rather than all of us reacting to Trump and the likes we can be more emphatic and caring of others and this should be our reaction. I heard a debate on the radio the other day about the Israeli ambassador and how he was stopped from giving a speech by protesters and one of the panel made an interesting comment, he said “when we oppose the fascist from speaking we become the fascist ” I know that may be hard for some to accept but I get it.

Lets stop reacting to these fools lets stop listening to all the hype that politics create to keep themselves in a job (and a nice pension) lets take our power back and the way to do it is to start creating good karma.

I believe that if we are the change that we want to see in the world then that becomes real change, lets all stop moaning about everything and doing more good deeds. In the 12 steps of AA/Na/CA there is one amazing practice I think it is step 10 or 11 and it is to make recompense to people we hurt through our addictive behaviour when it wont cause further hurt ( I am open to correction on that) it is a powerful thing to do and it leaves one feeling high in a good way. I have seen it first hand when we reach out to help we help ourselves in the process and we create a better environment for everyone.

The way forward is through good karma, I have attached a link that explains karma and I think it is important to understand Karma properly. On the Late Late Valentines show they were talking about the Karma Sutra which is wrong it is actually the Kama Sutra ,Kama means desire and Sutra means formula so it is the formula for satisfying our desires and also the sexual positions are just a fraction of the entire book there is a lot more to it that just that.

So let us all rise above Trump and above politics and dare I say it above religion and lets start seeing each other as humans and as fellow souls on the earth.

The following link is about Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga

And this link is about Karma in general

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