Weak muscles-Yoga to strengthen mobility

Today begins the journey to a new You

Yoga in management of Neuro-muscular conditions

The Dublin School of Yoga is delighted to be offering a weekly class in association with Ataxia Ireland, the class will be held on their premises in Leopardstown every Thursday from 2 pm-3 pm. Ataxia stream the class live via their Facebook page, every Thursday 2pm-3pm, you can also get the recording on Dublin School of Yoga FB.

Attending a weekly therapeutic practice like yoga can help manage and ease some of the conditions of muscular dystrophy and enhance the quality of life. At the DSY we use a specialized series of movements gentle and easy in combination with a variety of breathing techniques to improve muscle tone and help reduce some of the pain.

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims at rehabilitating and reinforcing a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. As a complementary practice, alongside conventional treatment, it can help people cope and live with their condition.

What does help

Muscle weakness results in a weak and exhausted body, normal exercise is too difficult. It is draining and causes even more pain. Yoga is a more economic approach and not nearly as taxing on the body, we improve the flow of energy. Through gentle movements, the muscles are moved, worked, and toned. We tone and strengthen the muscles of breathing with practice in the class which in turn helps the O2 levels in the blood as fresh oxygen is infused into the body, a fresh supply of nutrients is supplied to all the internal organs and tissues in the body. It improves blood circulation and strengthens the weakened muscles.

Yoga makes great sense to MD sufferers, it can be as soft as you want it and should be suited to your needs.

DSY MD class- also looks at the mental and emotional damage caused by the illness. Yoga and meditation really can help people find the inner strength to fight off depression and anxiety that can add to the debilitating illnesses. We encourage Positive Psychology and help the individual to think positively.


  • To empower each participant in managing their own health.
  • To energize and maximize the healing potential of the body.
  • To develop good breathing practices.
  • To strengthen the muscles of breathing.
  • To maintain movement of upper body (head, neck shoulders, hands)
  • Session times and venue have yet to be decided.

A typical class could include:

  • Asana posture for the upper body, simple and easy and done in a chair.
  • Breathing practises to improve on the breath and to strengthen the muscles of breath.
  • Relaxation for de-stressing.
  • Meditation for mental relaxation.

The Dublin School of Yoga is fully tax compliant and all our tutors are experienced, highly qualified VEC registered tutors and are insured with the British Wheel of Yoga.

I joined Cormac,s classes for the meditation and relaxation but quickly discovered the great benefit of mixing the physical exercise with breathing and meditation.Everything you need in a single session.

His classes are well organised and very enjoyable. Instructions are modified depending on the needs & abilities of the individual pupils.

Yoga Student

In the eight years that I have been a  yoga student of Cormac Lennon, Yoga has been a very positive contribution to my life. It has provided me with great physical mental and emotional well being. It brings deep peace and connection, self acceptance and self  responsibility. Attending yoga on a regular basis has given me the ability manage stress in my work place with calm and compassion. My experience of yoga has helped me to  keep healthy, choose life, have self respect and respect for those I come in contact with. Yoga is for everyone.  

Yoga Student from Dublin

I have Muscular Dystrophy. Over the years, we have been working on the breathing, keeping what i have strong and building on that strength.  This has helped me in a lot of tough times when I start to hyperventilate, I am able to regain control of my breathing again with a few helpful tips from class.