New Beginners Yoga Class

Today begins the journey to a new You

Yoga for the first time.

The main requirement for a beginner Yoga student is to have an open mind and to leave the critical mind at home, consider the class to be a special time for just YOU time to spend  looking at your needs. If you have any medical issues please tell the teacher prior to class. Wear warm comfortable clothing, mats are provided and I always advise my students to bring a blanket for that extra comfort. just Yoga is never serious but always sincere so


Yoga Class Schedule

 New Yoga classes Eastwall

Sean O casey Community Centre


Thursdays  6pm-7pm

Please wear light comfortable clothing and bring a blanket or cushion for sitting

These  new classes will suit all levels of students, the classes will involve posture (stretching) breathing relaxation and some meditatio

This class is for first time beginner Yoga students or for those who want to get back into Yoga. This class will be gentle and light and will consist of some easy posture and relaxation ideal for beginner, it does not matter what state of health you are in this class will help improve your overall health.

Wednesday evening class in Prussia St at 8pm-9pm this class is suited for thise with some experience in Yoga, we do a variety of  and focus on sitting posture at the end of class, currently the group are sitting for 25 minutes practicing pranayama and meditation.

I joined Cormac,s classes for the meditation and relaxation but quickly discovered the great benefit of mixing the physical exercise with breathing and meditation.Everything you need in a single session.

His classes are well organised and very enjoyable. Instructions are modified depending on the needs & abilities of the individual pupils.

Yoga Student

In the eight years that I have been a  yoga student of Cormac Lennon, Yoga has been a very positive contribution to my life. It has provided me with great physical mental and emotional well being. It brings deep peace and connection, self acceptance and self  responsibility. Attending yoga on a regular basis has given me the ability manage stress in my work place with calm and compassion. My experience of yoga has helped me to  keep healthy, choose life, have self respect and respect for those I come in contact with. Yoga is for everyone.  

Yoga Student from Dublin

I have Muscular Dystrophy. Over the years, we have been working on the breathing, keeping what i have strong and building on that strength.  This has helped me in a lot of tough times when I start to hyperventilate, I am able to regain control of my breathing again with a few helpful tips from class.