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Weekdays Morning Class

by Cormac Lennon

Rise and shine with us as we salute the sun. Join us monday to friday, at 07:30AM.  

Improve your life quality.

Train your mind

Develop a positive atittude

Relax your mind.

Center your attention

Sharpen Concentration

Harmony between body and mind.

Cardio and circulatory health

Protection from injury





Educated in the prestigious Bihar University of Yoga in Munger, India and in the well-established Mandala Yoga Centre, Wales, Lennon has over 15 years’ experience of teaching yoga and adult education.

He has an academic background in Adult Ed and Learning and Development, he is a qualified Life/Executive Coach. His keen interest is in helping people make the most of themselves and to improve the quality of their lives.

Event Hours(5)

  • Monday

    07.30 - 08.30

  • Tuesday

    07.30 - 08.30

  • Wednesday

    07.30 - 08.30

  • Thursday

    07.30 - 08.30

  • Friday

    07.30 - 08.30

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