Covid – 19 ‘Breathe to Recover’ Workshop

If you suffer from ongoing symptoms of Covid-19 (Long-Covid) we have developed a specially designed covid recovery workshop with you in mind.

Sufferers of long-COVID can find their recovery long and difficult. They can have several physical ailments, including breathlessness, headaches, muscle pains, nausea, brain fog, sleep disorders and fatigue. These symptoms can last for many months and can range from mild to almost completely incapacitating.


How you breath is intricately connected to how you are feeling. For instance, if you are feeling stressed or anxious your breathing can increase and become shallow.  Our ‘Breathe to Recover Workshop’ is designed to help you manage these symptoms. We want to help you to breathe easier and reduce the stress and pain caused by this condition.

Covid presents like an inflammatory disease, causing excess inflammation particularly in the lungs, brain, and blood vessels.  The inflammation is further aggravated by stress.  Yoga is well known for its ability to decrease inflammation and reduce stress.  The practice of Raja Yoga using pranayama (breathing) and asana (gentle movements coordinated with the breath) will help to not only reduce your stress levels and inflammation but help rebuild respiratory muscles that were impacted by covid-19.

You can participate in these classes even if you have never taken a yoga class before. We will show you how through gentle rhythmic breathing, you can bring about physical and mental relaxation. This will reduce anxiety, depression, and stress that all exacerbate the symptoms of long covid.

Some of the benefits to the breathe to recover workshop will be …

  • Raja yoga will help you to move your focus away from negative self-talk and move towards thoughts that add value to your life.
  • Using breath work you will calm the mind and body, relax the tightness of muscles that hold stress and tension.
  • Learn the mechanics of your breath and how to increase your capacity to use your breath consciously.
  • Learn to improve your gaseous exchange O2 in C02 out.
  • Learn how to develop a rhythm in your breathing.
  • Learn how to balance the breath and improve your sleep patterns.