I’m a strong believer in conscious living which in simple terms means that you’re creating your life consciously rather than drifting along passively.
I work with a variety of techniques to create a safe and relaxing space for my clients to embark on their personal journeys, such as yoga and Pilates, breath work, qi gong, and sound healing, among others. My passion is sharing the tools and knowledge I have acquired throughout my life with others who are interested in discovering more about how to lead a happier, healthier and more balanced life.
I practice many different methods and techniques which, when combined, give amazing results. You will feel a heightened sensitivity to your personal energy and will see, hear, and feel things in a way like never before. You will notice the unlimited potential not only in yourself, but in your surroundings. You may feel a sudden realization, an awakening, of your connection to life and the world around you – this is the idea that chi (energy) tries to encapsulate. Life force energy is so integral to self-healing, vitality, and clarity of mind, and I invite you to join me in discovering yours.

I trained under many teachers, mentors, coaches and healers like Samuel Jun, Jing Jung, Mantak Chia, Tevia Feng, Krishnapremananda, Venant Wong, William Whitecloud, and Ewa Rok Zarska to name a few. They helped me develop my own unique style and method of teaching. I run one-on-one training programs as well as group programs of up to 60 people. I have experience running training sessions, retreats, seminars and workshops on healthy living in Ireland, Poland, Spain and Portugal.
I am currently training with the Mandala Ashram in Wales and I am a member of The British Wheel of Yoga. Dance has been a passion of mine since childhood and I always wanted to be a professional dancer.

However, life pulled me in other directions so the alternative was to teach Zumba, which I love doing as I could still use it to express myself and help put the world around me in a new perspective.
I became more and more indifferent to the hectic pace of the fitness industry, working as a full-time manager and personal trainer, but as I attended different holistic health and fitness courses and workshops, I realized I wanted to shift my focus towards less exhaustive and more peaceful practices and establish my own business.

This project has been a personal and professional journey of discovery for me with many ups and downs, but I’m inspired by the feeling of gratitude that I’m improving some aspect of my life each day, my heart, mind, and soul becoming more aligned.


+353 0830615425

62 Ravensdale Road, East Wall, Dublin 3