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Our team is licensed and certificated by the British Wheel of Yoga


Yoga Instructor

The MD and founder of the Dublin School of Yoga (DSY) is Cormac Lennon. He found Yoga whilst in a deep depression in the 90’s and through practice managed to get out of his depression. He also battled with several addictions in his journey and continues today to help others caught in the same trap. He feels that Yoga has helped him find balance in his life , the regular practice of Yoga brings out the best in us, our intuitive self our creative self and keeps us fit and flexible. It is easy to get caught up in worldly affairs but for our mental health we need to take time out just for ourselves . Cormac has a strong social consciousness and is forever willing to assist people in gaining a better state of health. “all the reasons I hear why people wont start a class are usually the very reasons they need to start a Yoga class, I am not fit, I am too stiff, I dont know how to do it etc. “

Educated in the prestigious Bihar University of Yoga in Munger, India and in the well-established Mandala Yoga Centre, Wales, Lennon has over 15 years’ experience of teaching yoga and adult education.

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