Dublin School of Yoga The Wellbeing programme aims to provide a safe space in which to develop the physical and mental/emotional health and wellness of students. SCHOOL PROGRAMME

Provider Information

The Dublin School of Yoga has provided modules in Wellbeing, including Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation for students of Transition Year since 2008.  All elements of the programme have been delivered with a student-centred approach and in a cross curricular manner, working with other teaching staff members at Ard Scoil. The Dublin School of Yoga welcomes the new initiative afforded by the Wellbeing Programme and includes here its proposal to participate in providing suitable modules/activities for the students in Ard Scoil. 




The Wellbeing programme designed by the Dublin School of Yoga aims to provide a safe space in which to develop the physical and mental/emotional health and wellness of students. It is intended as an aid to education and as a support for the curriculum rather than a stand-alone module, to create a sense of harmony within the whole school environment.   

The programme is all-inclusive, accommodating students of all needs, both physical requirements and specialised learning needs and staff have experience of working within all-inclusive learning environments.   

The main aim of the programme is to increase and improve the student’s ability to learn. Modules aim to develop: 

attention, concentration and memory

improve listening skills

improve focus

bring students into the present moment - the most basic requirement for learning

create awareness of learning strengths and opportunities

promote inclusiveness and tolerance


Wellbeing Programme Content


Simple postures to stimulate the body’s vital energies. They also learn how to develop an upright spine that is more conducive to learning and more comfortable for the student in the classroom. These postures have been modified to suit the seated position.


Breathing exercises that demonstrate how to use the breath effectively, economically and efficiently, calming the nervous system. Students learn how to use the breath to help them to strengthen their focus on the topic they are engaging with in the classroom.


Simple relaxation techniques that can be applied in the classroom, based on the systematic practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a wonderful therapeutic deep practice during which students learn how to relax properly and fully. It involves lying on the floor covered by a cosy blanket and following instructions. It helps to lower stress levels by allowing deep rooted tensions to surface and leave. A Sankalpa (resolve) is encouraged during the practice which develops willpower.


To improve mental health, we use Dharana techniques that concentrate the mental energies to one pointedness which develops a more focused, calm relaxed mind that is more open to learning. This also provides a firm foundation for better self-esteem and self-worth.
The above practices are taught in the following combinations:

British Wheel of Yoga

We are accredited with the British Wheel of Yoga and have full insurance and CPD.